Psychologist / Carol Lee, M.A



Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from George Fox University, OR USA
Taiwan Licensed Counseling Psychologist Certified Number: 000982(active) 
USA National Board Certified Counselor Certified Number: 77149(active)

Professional Experience

United Counseling Services, Taipei 2019 – present
Community Services Center, Taipei  2013-2019
ReAngel Counseling Services, Taipei 2007-2013

Western Psychological Counseling Services, Oregon 1999-2002
Youth Contact/Five Oaks Middle School, Oregon 2002-2003

Therapy approach

To be able to survive in this world everyone of us at an early age has developed some kind of coping mechanism to manage life stressors. If a coping mechanism is too constrained/fixed (e.g., “I need to be perfect.” “I have to keep everyone happy in order for me to feel controlled and safe.”) that can eventually take a toll on one’s automatic nervous system and compromise his/her physical and mental health.
My approach to therapy is integrative with polyvagal theory, attachment theory, family system, CBT, and Hypnotherapy.  In supporting trauma work, I also have completed an in-depth 3 year training in Somatic Experiencing. One of the most important elements in my work with clients is to create a safe space to process and to regulate difficult emotions. This helps to reduce symptoms and eventually to cultivate internal resources.

Areas of Focus

Trauma work
Grief work
Management of recurring negative thoughts and feelings
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