Psychologist / CAROL LEE, M.A. NCC



Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from George Fox University, OR USA
Taiwan Licensed Counseling Psychologist Certified Number: 000982 (active)
USA National Board Certified Counselor Certified Number: 77149 (active)

Professional Experience

United Counseling Services, Taipei 2019 – present
Community Services Center, Taipei  2013-2019
ReAngel Counseling Services, Taipei 2007-2013

Western Psychological Counseling Services, Oregon 1999-2002
Youth Contact/Five Oaks Middle School, Oregon 2002-2003

Therapy approach

Ever felt like tossing your problems on the back burner, hoping they won’t resurface? Many opt for that over seeking counseling, but let’s debunk a myth: counseling is for people like us, navigating life’s complexities.

Symptoms are signals, not the root cause. Unconsciously learned patterns cause us to get stuck in emotions and relational patterns. Therapy involves recognizing these emotions, forging new pathways, and enhancing freedom in relationships.

In developing my counseling approach, I integrate various theories and training, such as Attachment theory, emotion-focused therapy, family systems, cognitive-behavioral approaches, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, polyvagal theory, and hypnosis. This comprehensive integration forms the foundation for my work with individuals and couples.

Areas of Focus

Individual and Couples Counseling

  • Disassociation of feelings (numbing emotions) or heightened sensitivity (easily hurt, upset, or angry)
  • Looping the same thoughts and struggling to break free
  • Patterns in relationships leading to disconnection

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