Psychologist / Carol Lee, M.A



Carol’s areas of practice has been mainly focused on trauma/PTSD, relational/ couple/family issues (especially when dealing with co-dependency), chronic repression or suppression of anger, depression, anxiety (difficulty in concentration, restlessness, or panic, that seemingly at times, comes out of nowhere.), mood swings, and addictions (not currently requiring inpatient treatment).


Carol is a Taiwan Licensed Counselor since 2004 and was a USA National Board Certified Counselor from 2004 to 2014. Carol uses an integrative counseling model including: cognitive behavioral theory, emotive focus theory, family systems theory and somatic experiencing theory. She is experienced working on both short term and long term model. Carol prefers a goal directed approach, with an understanding of growth that takes time to process and unfold issues that have been rooted in a deeper level of human psych. Her hope is that at the end of therapy, clients will develop some constructive tools in managing what was once felt unmanageable.

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